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Northumberland Youth Unlimited to hold Passages event in Brighton

Last January, Northumberland Youth Unlimited held an event called Passages at the Cobourg Community Centre.

This awareness event was designed to confront the plight of refugees, with 67 high-school students from across Northumberland in attendance. The experience continues to have an impact, according to Northumberland Youth Unlimited executive director Tony Posthumus — presentations have been completed at two local high schools, and interest continues to grow.

A recent press release from the organization announced that, on Nov. 9, they will bring Passages to East Northumberland Secondary School in Brighton.

Joining 100 ENSS students at the school, 100 Campbellford District High School students will participate sessions throughout the day.

The event includes role-playing modules developed by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees — Escape and Separation, Border Crossing, Temporary Shelter and Meeting the Local Population. With participants grouped into “families,” each will encounter simulated challenges refugee families around the world face each and every day in their flight from danger to their new home.

Passages has a dual purpose — to increase awareness of the plight of refugees, and to empower young people in their response to Canada’s refugee crisis and resettlement plan.

The event will wrap up with a debriefing session that will enable students to process and discuss their experiences and how they can relate to refugee families around the world. It will also equip students to make a real and positive impact, as refugee families resettle in their communities and high schools.

Northumberland Youth Unlimited is proud to partner in this endeavour with these two schools, the Brighton OPP, Northumberland Child Development Centre, Brighton Youth Unlimited (The Beacon Youth Centre), Cobourg Alliance Church and Church on the Hill.


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