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Being there for the long haul “Who would have guessed?”
I got a call from reception saying Rita had dropped in for a visit. Rita at 17 was one of the very first girls I worked with who became a Christian. We did Bible study together for a number of years.  She is now 47! (Boy does that make me feel old!)

 I had not seen her for a long time, so we had a good chat over lunch. She told me about her journey over the past 25 years. She has 3 girls and is still married to Fred – I attended their wedding many years ago. Life had been full of ups and downs.  They lived on the reserve for a number of years; battled alcohol addiction, the suicide of her brother, immediate family members struggling and not much money, ever. Through it all, Rita not only held onto her faith, but also learned to trust God even more.  Some of the stories she told me about trusting God when scared or when the future looked pretty bleak, put me to shame. I am in awe of how she has persevered and fallen more in love with Jesus through tough times.

Who would have guessed that a girl from a very broken home could turn out like this? As a young woman, she struggled with alcohol.  She didn't want to drink but her friends went to the bars.  I will never forget one night when she arrived at my house radiant, saying she had been at a church and went up for prayer for her battle with alcohol. God took the desire away – Rita knew that immediately. She was so excited.  Since then, some 25 odd years later, she has never had the desire to drink again. 

Rita’s faith has broken the generational ties of hopelessness and poverty in her family.  Her 3 daughters are now believers having grown up in the church.  Because of Jesus at work in a messed up young girl’s life, a generation has changed. This family is forever altered with Hope. 

Beth Wilton
Workforce Director in Winnipeg YFC