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3 Troublesome Trends in Youth Culture Helping Parents and Youth Workers
Paul Robertson serves as a Youth Culture Specialist for YFC/YU in Canada. The fall 2014 issue of "Understanding Today’s Youth” addresses the topic of "Troublesome Trends in Youth Culture.” LINK Newsletter

No matter what you may think, if you are over the age of 25, you don’t understand what it is like to be a teenager. 
No boundaries.  No families.  No innocence.  No truth.  No time to just be a kid.

For every parent who has lost a child to the influences of pop culture and wondered how you can win them back… 

For every youth worker or pastor who wants to understand how the constantly evolving world of youth culture can help you meet the needs of more young people…

For every professional, social worker and educator who have ever had to deal with the shrugs and complaints of a kid who needs your help...

Sample of Workshops Offered Include
Understanding The Teenage Brain
7 Youth Culture Trends Every Parent or Youth Worker Should Know
Setting Boundaries to Build Character
Understanding How Technology Influences Family
Understanding the Tween to Teen Transition
Understanding the Casual Sex Revolution
Understanding the Five Cries of Caring Parents
Paul has 16 seminars available to present across Canada.

Check out Paul Robertson
Phone: (416) 520-6831