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Hayley's Story 17 year old finds hope for her future

My parents havenít always gotten along the bestest.  Momís back now.  We still fight but things are better than they were.

Iíll be seventeen this Sunday.  Iím in grade twelve and I like English, art, and music.  That must be why Viv asked me to help her with her summer camps.  Viv is our local YFC staff member. Something in my gut said, "Do it, Hayley.Ē  I wasnít a Christian, but Viv seemed sure I had the qualities she needed.   One night she asked if she could pray with me.  She was really talking to someone─ God─ not just making stuff up in her head.  That was the turning point for me.

Iíd started reading Matthew in case any of the leaders asked me something about the Bible.  I wanted to look like I knew something. Iím pretty well respected at school. Kids expect me to have the answers.

But Vivian told me that Iím on a new journey now.  God didnít expect me to have a lot of answers.  In fact, things were often kept on a need-to-know kind of basisÖ every day would have some new thing that needed answering.

Viv doesnít have a TV or any fancy stuff in her house, but all of us kids feel at home there. Every Monday night we meet to share verses, talk, play games, cook stuff, eat it, and drink tea.  Theyíre my second family.  Iíll miss them terribly when life moves us on.

By helping Viv at camp this summer, I made a difference in little kidsí lives.  Some learned the joys of being kind.  Others realized they could pray for a friend who was sad.

Schoolís back and so far this semester I feel stuck.

My favorite teacher says Iíve been brainwashed and sheís the one who helped me get into a lot of important positions in our school.

My old friends canít see how super-positive a life lived with God can be.

But itís them and the person I used to be who were brainwashed.  I know the Truth now and I wonít stop telling people about Him. Thank you, Viv, and I really thank you, Lord Jesus.