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Creating For A Cause Love of Painting and Love of YFC

Karen Visser loves to paint.  She also loves the ministry of Youth for Christ.  As much as there is beauty in her artwork there is beauty in the way she brought these passions together.

Karen and her husband Jelle have been involved with YFC for 13 years, ever since their repatriation back to Canada.  They were part of establishing a YFC satellite ministry in Bobcaygeon.

The Visser’s have found ways to give their time, talent and treasure to support things they care about.  In the case of Karen’s art it is a simple, practical approach that benefits a lot of people.

Karen sells her paintings and donates the proceeds to YFC.

Her husband Jelle sees it as a tremendous positive, "Quality plus a cause," he noted.  “People are willing to pay for both.  When people can get a great piece of artwork and support a great cause at the same time they are very happy about being involved with a lasting legacy."

"We think other people might want to consider doing this sort of thing,” Jelle said.  "I think there are a lot of people who create things for the love of creating.  There is an opportunity for them to be shared with others and benefit a cause at the same time."

One of the benefits for Jelle and Karen is the tax receipt they receive from donating the proceeds of their sales.  It helps offset the cost of the painting supplies and framing as Karen keeps creating.

Karen is notably quiet about the whole thing.  She would rather avoid the spotlight but hopes that sharing this initiative will inspire others to use their talents to support the ministry of YFC.