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In for the long run We are committed to long-term, meaningful relationships with students

In a world where we want everything at our fingertips, the fascination for immediate fixes, instant information and the quick road to happiness seem to rule our culture.  Gone are the days when a debate around information rouses a lasting exchange - a quick Google search on my smart phone will offer the answer and resolve the issue before tension even rises.  While this is the reality in many spaces in our day to day life, I would suggest that the opposite is true when dealing with matters of the heart. 

Here at YFC/Youth Unlimited we are committed to long-term, meaningful relationships with students because we know this is how we will see lasting results.  We pay attentions to the life stories of the young people we journey with, recognizing and celebrating the uniqueness of each person. Living this way challenges us to purposefully think about our own lives, and inspires us to remain attentive to God, allowing us to pursue meaningful relationships with those we interact with. When my story, Godís story, and another personís story connect, it creates the perfect space for each of us to be who God created us to be and become who He enables us to become.

This is not a quick fix, but a long-term philosophy which allows things to happen at the right time - pushing too hard usually results in pushback.  It is our desire to make sure the conversation never ends; no matter what twists and turns students take in their journey, our desire is to show them hope and to see the full potential in every young person we work with.

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