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Setting the stage for success 11 year old Chantel's Story

YFC has given me the opportunity to act in front of people and practice public speaking.  I am less nervous in front of people now.  This club is probably the best acting club I've been a part of.  This confidence I've gained has helped me take opportunities by saying YES much more quickly.  Usually in the past, I would say no because I was afraid. Now, Iím not afraid to take opportunities now that are challenging. 

Everyone is so nice and they accept you.  I've probably made about 10 new friends in the past year. My fun rating is 10 out of 10 because of all the activities - especially the theatre games. I am interested in theatre long term.  Iím hoping my career will be an actress.  This has given me experience for this.  I need talent, confidence, and the ability to say yes to hard things.  You canít be afraid to go out there and start to work toward your career.  Jesters has helped me in all these ways. 

YFC has helped me understand that God loves me no matter what.  I find that Christian leaders seem to be happier because they believe in God. They are nice and accept you.  God may be sad when I do wrong, but he always loves me.  When you ask God a question, He wonít always simply give you the answer. He wants you to find the answer yourself.  I've learned that God sent Jesus down to earth to help people, tell stories, feed the poor, and die on the cross for all our sins.  Now we donít have to sacrifice anything for the sins we do.  Now I am also reading the Bible.  I chose to start reading Matthew and Mark.

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