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Cape Breton Child Sponsorship

For just $35 a month, you can make a difference in a child’s life by giving them the opportunity to participate in our Undercurrent program. Or for $90 a month, you can sponsor a whole family of children.



Our Child Sponsorship Program provides the following:

Rise’ Life Skills Program (4 hours/week)

This program teaches valuable life skills, including cooking classes, healthy living, Crossfit, and other life skills.

Weekly Programs (10+ hours a week)

Each participant will have access to all our weekly recreation, artistic and educational programs in all Undercurrent locations.

Healthy Meals
Each participant will be provided a weekly healthy meal and snacks during programs.

Participants will be engaged on a weekly basis with staff and mentors.


Child Sponsorship Accountability

Undercurrent is dedicated to reaching it’s goal to have 1000 youth in programs by the year 2020. In order to achieve this, we have set a goal to have 500 children/youth sponsored. We know finances are limiting thousands of young people in our community, and also it does cost money to run programs, feed people, and have staff.

We want to be 100% percent transparent as to where all sponsorship funds go. We have provided a simple breakdown of what every $35 will be spent:

  • Food $9/month
  • Program Staff $9/month
  • Program
  • Expenses $9/month
  • Space Expenses $4/month
  • Administration $4/month
  • Total $35/month per child

This is not a complete budget for our centres, as we also do large scale fundraisers, have community partners, and run a shared space model, where Undercurrent, Lighthouse, community groups, and community rentals all help cover the building costs, and a portion of staff expenses