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Programs and Curriculum

A Curriculum in Christian Education for Grades 5 and 6 County of Lacombe, Alberta Board of Education

The following curriculum is being taught in upper elementary classrooms by Youth for Christ (YFC) staff. "God's Covenant with People" and "The Life of Christ" has not been put together by YFC, but is a Curriculum in Christian Education prepared by the Curriculum Committee of the Lacombe Monisterial Association, in cooperation with the County of Lacombe Schools of Alberta, Canada.

This program has been prepared for use in Grades 5 and 6 public school classrooms and permission is granted to reproduce any of the following material provided it will not be used for resale. This program is here as a resource for all.  Use it as a valuable teaching tool and feel free to adapt it to the age level of the children in your particular class or group setting.

1-Introduction to Christian Curriculum
2-God's Covenant with People - Part 1
3-God's Covenant with People - Part 2
4-The Life of Christ - Part 1
5-Life of Christ - Part 2

Other Programs:

Arts and Drama
Cooking - "Come Cook With Us" - ages 8 and up
"Developing Christ-Centred Communities" - a power point by Melissa Dinesan
Things are not what they seem to be - an object lesson. Download
Mentoring program in Kawartha, Ontario in the Lakefield area
Alpha for Youth