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Thank you for visiting the Ecuador Earthquake Relief page.  We have YFC Canada personnel on the ground in Ecuador responding to the emergency.  Aimee and Abner Hernandez have been working for a few years now, developing a YFC ministry there.  The earthquake has, of course, caused a sudden change in direction.

Below is an account from Aimee on what YFC is doing in cooperation with various agencies and organizations. Please read and pray. And please give so that we can support the relief effort.

Things on the ground continue to be difficult. In the city of Guayaquil where we live, buildings continue to be evacuated as they discover more damage.  In the province of Manabi the reports continue to be grim. They are still digging survivors out of the rubble from Manta, Portoviejo, Bahia de Caraquez and Pedernales, there is much urgency to get to survivors but things are becoming more difficult for workers on the ground as they are not able to collect the dead. This is having a traumatic impact on the communities that are still in these cities. There are many people with no place to sleep, and large communities are sleeping on the street. To keep these people as safe as possible they have declared a state of emergency. It has begun to rain in many of the cities which has added to the extreme circumstances. We are told that there is not constant power to many places, and many small towns have not regained power. Banks in the province have been closed and basic resources are scarce. Especially water, its hard to find clean drinking water.

Abner's efforts are concentrated  on helping to design and build temporary living structures that will serve the community for the next couple of months. He is collaborating with a group of architects and professors from the University of Guayaquil who are now building test models.  They intend to put together kits that will be given to families to provide shelter.

Abner will be part of the small team that will work on the ground to distribute the shelters and teach families how to set  them up.  They will also teach how to properly dispose of human waste, which will soon pose a health problem if not addressed.   He will also help to coordinate the logistics for Ecuadorian medical staff who are willing to volunteer from other provinces.

Below is the preliminary drawing for the shelter.


With feet on the ground, Abner will keep us informed as he learns more.

Please pray for Aimee, Abner and their children along with the people of Ecuador.


100% of funds received by YFC Canada for the Ecuador Earthquake Relief will be used solely for the relief, rescue 1and recovery efforts in Ecuador and these funds will be managed by YFC Canada staff on the ground.

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A ministry partner has pledged $10,000 in matching funds to this relief effort.  Please support this, knowing that your gift will be worth twice the amount.

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