Where could I go?

YFC ministries exist in 100+ countries around the world.  Where you serve depends both on your heart and interests, as well as current opportunities available.


What might my role look like?

There is a large variety of YFC ministries around the world! As with location, we will try to match you to a ministry that connects with your heart, your interests, and available opportunities.

Previous ENGAGE participants have: taught English in Ukraine, worked with Syrian refugees in Lebanon, run a day camp in Brazil, hosted after-school programs for Gypsy children in Romania, and shared the love of Jesus in Botswana; what will you do?


Will I be alone?

While you will likely be the only volunteer from Canada in your placement, that does not mean you are alone! You will have the support of the ENGAGE Program Coordinator for the entire duration of your placement and will have regular contact with them. You will also have an in-country supervisor who will assist with things such as your living arrangements and volunteer tasks. The YFC ministry team in your placement country will be excited to have you and the YFC Canada ministry team will be praying for you!


Will I have to raise money?

All ENGAGE participants are required to raise 100% of the financial support required for their placement. This amount will vary based on your placement country and the length of your placement.  Training and resources will be provided to help you as you raise support.

A $200 non-refundable application fee is required as part of your Application.


What kind of training and support will I receive?

ENGAGE participants will have approximately 12 weeks of training assignments before their departure, to help them prepare for their placement. The ENGAGE Program Coordinator will also assist you in applying for a visa, securing your in-country living arrangements, and other practical details of travel. The ENGAGE Program Coordinator will continue to act as your supervisor for the duration of your placement.


Is ENGAGE only for Canadians looking to volunteer overseas?

Are you interested in coming to Canada as an ENGAGE International Volunteer with YFC? We’d love to connect with you! Please keep in mind that individuals looking to come to Canada as an international volunteer must be connected to their local YFC chapter in their own country. Email us to learn more.


Are you a Canadian looking to volunteer with YFC in your own community? Let us connect you with your local chapter!



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