"I discovered Engage when I was looking for somewhere to connect one of my volunteers to help her grow as a Christian leader and be challenged in her life, faith and ministry. Nicole and I were both praying for God to show up in a real and large way in her life and direct her to what was next, so when we learned about the Engage program we both began praying intentionally over it. Soon after, it became fairly clear to us that this was where God was leading her and so after bringing on a few others to pray and receiving more confirmation we began the process of entering Nicole into the program.

"It was a difficult process for her, however it only proved to strengthen her trust and faith in God. And once she finally made it to her destination we both knew this was exactly where she was meant to be. Nicole instantly fell in love with the nation of Ukraine and the people, and I knew she was going to be changed, challenged and transformed. And knowing that she is connecting on a global scale with our YFC community is exciting for me. During her life, one thing Nicole has always struggled with is a speech impediment and I knew that she was nervous to be somewhere where language would be even more of a challenge, but despite her fears and reservations she has thrived there.

"Hearing her updates each time we talk I am reminded again how much God has done in her life and through her and how very clearly He has shown her that He has a plan for her. The Engage program has given Nicole a chance to expand beyond herself and her comfort zone, while being encouraged and mentored along the way. I am so grateful that she found this program and has the opportunities it has provided her with."

~Kelly Culp, Program Director with Highlands Youth for Christ

"We love volunteers! We have volunteers coming in… and because of the contribution of volunteers we are able to impact communities in The Gambia. Kids are getting educated who would otherwise not have been going to school, [and] young people in the schools are doing better because of the contribution from the volunteers...

"We had this volunteer come in from Canada… helping these young people to speak good English and to write good English. Today some of those young people are working in key offices, in fact we are going to bring one of those [young people] to come and serve in the Youth for Christ office.

"The impact has been huge… Great things have happened because of the contribution of volunteers and we want to be very thankful! So right now I am saying thank you to YFC Canada and all the volunteers that have come in through YFC Canada to help with our projects… We are able to impact our community because of the contribution of YFC Canada in The Gambia."

~Seal Jammeh, National Director of Youth For Christ The Gambia