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Welcome to Engage!

Engage! is our International Volunteer Program for young people ages 18-27. We are committed to enable, train and support young volunteers from Canada to serve with our international YFC family.

We also help young people from all over the globe serve with YFC in Canada.

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Basically, it’s about YOU – VOLUNTEERING


You are 18 - 27 years old, you just want to get ‘out there’ to share Jesus’ love, serve kids and teens in whatever way you can. Let’s do this! 



Fully engaged as a missionary volunteer, you will serve with full-time missionaries who are part of our international YFC family.  As part of the engaged ministry you will receive the support you need for a successful volunteer placement. Part of your development and training may include some volunteer time with a local Canadian YFC ministry.


Learn more about Engage! 

To learn more about international opportunities contact the Global Engagement office by completing this form or send an e-mail to engage@yfccanada.org

God bless you on your journey! We’re looking forward to walking it with you!