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jar of marbles

Faith That Moves Marbles?

March 28

18 Marbles on the right side now
March 22
16 of the marbles are now in the right hand jar,
March 9th
6 Marbles Migrated This Week

This is not exactly what Jesus said as recorded in Matthew 17:19 but the idea is the same.

As a missionary with Youth For Christ Canada, it is a faith exercise to trust God for his provision to fund my ministry.  I am very grateful to those of you who pray for and support me with your financial  gifts.

As of March 1st I am $500 short of my total monthly support.

That might seem like a lot but I have confidence in God's calling and His ability to provide.

I also thought it would be helpful to have a tangible way to represent my goal.  That's where the marbles come in. The jar on the left has 50 marbles.  Each one represents $10 per month.  That is the amount I need to raise by June 27th.

Can you help move any of these marbles?  Maybe you can help move one or maybe 20?  Every single one counts.  $500 a month seems like a lot but if 25 people were able to give $20 a month that is all it would take.

I simply ask that you prayerfully consider helping.  If you can't contribute financially please continue to support me in prayer.  I am involved in many great opportunities to help build the strength and health of YFC ministry across Canada.  I am privileged to serve the kingdom in this way.


So, what exactly am I up to these days?  We are in a season of transition at YFC Canada.  As Tim Coles moves into the National Director role, many changes trickle down.  This has provided an excellent opportunity to evaluate some things and I am excited about the potential for my role.

I continue to work on communications through our staff email updates and website content management.  The start of the new year is always busy with regional retreats and plans for our National Ministry Conference and other training events.  My involvement includes setting up the web sites and online registration forms as well as planning and preparation.

I have been doing more work helping to coach new staff who are getting started with their Ministry Partner Development.  If things go well, I might start suggesting they use marbles!  It's really wonderful to be involved with the journey these new staff are on and the impact their ministry has across the country!  We have also developed a new podcast to help with training.  

I also attended training in February and am working on a proposal to help us grow and strengthen a 'coaching culture' in YFC.  If you are not familiar with non-directive coaching  I'd be happy to have a conversation with you to explain it in more detail.  The potential for helping others to work at their most effective levels in ministry is really thrilling.  I'm looking forward to sharing more about this with you over the next few months!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read.  I look forward to sharing a photo of some major marble motion soon!

Peace & Blessings,