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Liberia YFC needs your help.


"Thank you for visiting the Donation Portal for our partnership with YFC Liberia.  This was originally set up to receive funds for our next mission to Liberia.  The recent Ebola crisis has caused us to postpone the mission for health and safety reasons.  Many people have asked how they can help support the ministry of YFC Liberia during this difficult time.  

The staff and volunteers of YFC Liberia are at great risk.  They continue to bring hope to the youth of Liberia, however there are many restrictions.  Some of them, including the National Director will need to relocate their families to safer areas.  All funds received through this site will be directed to assist the ministry of YFC in Liberia keep the staff and volunteers safe.  

As of August 1st, there is an immediate need for $5,000.  The total need however is unpredictable.  Therefore, this site will remain open to respond to the needs of YFC during the Ebola crisis until the World Health Organization declares the crisis contained.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. 

If you have questions about this please contact Daryl Stogryn, Director of Global Engagement
1-800-899-9322 Ext 16


Following the 14 years of civil war that ended in 2003, Youth For Christ Liberia is committed to participating in rebuilding the nation and bringing hope to the people.  Many people from around the world have offered their time and resources to facilitate this.  YFC Canada is one of the leaders in partnering with YFC Liberia to ensure a bright and sustainable future.

 In October of 2014 YFC Canada will send a small team to Liberia to continue building a training centre and school.  Committed to whole person ministry, YFC Liberia will provide education to the very young, and retraining for older, war affected youth.

Your support of this mission will impact hundreds of young people each year in Liberia.  YFC Liberia has been recognized by many, including the government, as a leader in reaching the youth of Liberia.  Your support will help them grow and reach more youth.

 Can You Help?

What we are asking on behalf of the youth of Liberia, is that you consider becoming a prayer and financial partner with this team. A single gift $100 - $1,000 will make a big difference and provide the resources to bring the first stage of the building project to a point where it can open. 


We are looking for a range of financial support to secure the funds needed to finish this stage of the building. Our goal for financial support is a total of $19,000. We already have over $4,000 committed.  We need to hear from you by Friday, Sept 26th. This support will cover the costs of the building materials and hiring local labour, as well as some of the travel costs for the team.  All contributions over $10 are receiptable for income tax purposes in Canada.

What next?

Less than 100 partners giving an average of $200 will cover the budget.  Some can do more and some less.  It all makes a difference. We need to hear from you by Sept 26th.  
How I Can Give?

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If you would like to send your gift by mail you can make your cheque payable to "Youth For Christ Canada" and please include a note to let us know it is for the Liberia Short Term Mission
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If you have any questions, please contact Daryl Stogryn, Director of Global Engagement 
1-800-899-9322 Ext 16