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YFC Canada Newsletter | Fall 2015


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2015 Executive Director’s Conference

2015 Executive Director’s Conference

Dear friends of the YFC Canada family,

As I write this in late October, I feel like I am just back from summer travels yet Christmas is less than two months away! Katy and I now have two young grandchildren and a new foster daughter living with us, so our lives are blessed, but very full. It also means that my travel is reduced during this busy period of our lives!

We are excited to see God at work in and through Youth for Christ across our nation! We are working hard at launching new Chapters this year with a particular desire to see the work spread to the Maritimes. Tim Coles, together with board member Mark Fletcher, is working on this initiative, traveling to NB and NS in early November. (Please contact me if you know of anyone who could help us in this work!)

In early October I met with all of our Executive Directors and some of our national staff for 4 days of meetings. We prayed together and reviewed the work across the land focusing on key areas of challenge as well as growth. We welcome Steve Klassen to our National team who served 24 years in our YFC Winnipeg chapter. Serving as Director of Mission Advancement, Steve will also give leadership to our Vision Metric Initiative, a tool which helps Chapters measure the impact their ministries are having in the lives of the kids we love and serve.

This fall, YFC Canada staff Daryl Stogryn and his wife Hope travelled with Karen Bott to Romania where they saw God at work in the midst of human trafficking and other desperate situations. Our church family in Montreal just welcomed a new refugee family from Afghanistan, reminding us of those who are hurting in that country as well.

In early November we held our annual Board Retreat and then in early December, our Young Leader Advisory Board and the national team are coming to Montreal for a week of planning for 2016. We value your prayers.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel. Lives are being changed and the word of God is being taught all across our land!

By His grace,

Dave Brereton

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Canadian Youth Workers Convention

YFC Canada has partnered with the Canadian Youth Workers Convention over the past year, sponsoring and organizing the “Community Youth Workers Track” at each of the 6 regional events. CYWC regional Events are held in: Moncton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Kelowna and Abbotsford.

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Janice Davis

Janice Davis

Blessed to be a part of Youth Centre!

By Janice Davis, Community sponsor, Waterdown, Ontario

I have been supporting the personal fundraising efforts of a Youth for Christ staff member for about a year and I would like to share how this came to be and how this is impacting my life. Although I am a Christian, at this time in my life I am not committed to any one church. And yet I feel the need to support an organization that represents my values and is in need of on-going financial support. I was searching, not always consciously, but always looking, listening and considering. Then I started passing the corner of Parkside Drive and Centre Road daily on my way to work and took notice of the plans for this piece of land and the progress that was developing and taking shape. Soon, I was really paying attention – and I even found myself a little excited!

God has blessed me with a wonderful co-worker and beautiful friend in Lynda Bonus. As I was watching the physical progress of the structural building, God was doing what He does best ... working in the heart of my friend Lynda, leading her to make a change and leave her job to pursue a new role as Youth Centre Director for YFC. Her move of faith strengthened my interest in what was going on in that building on the corner in my community.

My husband, John, and I have three beautiful adult children who each have supportive and loving partners and we have two precious grandchildren. We have been blessed with the love and support of our families, friends and our communities as we raised our children, moving around Ontario and then coming back to our roots in this area. I have always felt fortunate to have had a wonderful childhood and that John and I were able to give that to our children – and yet we know that not everyone has had that same experience.

Supporting the ministry of YFC Waterdown was the answer for me to fulfill the need I felt subtly pulling at me, the need to make a difference no matter how small. It has allowed me to give back and support the youth in my community, that for many reasons need a place to go where they can feel safe and hear the word of God.

And I feel so proud when I drive by the Youth Centre and think, "Wow, Janice, way to go! You are a part of that! It is a God-filled home that is every day giving back to the community." I feel good and I feel, once again, blessed.

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Keepin' It Real in Italy

Keepin' It Real in Italy

Keepin' It Real in Italy

During the summer Laura Bronson, from the YFC Canada national program "Keep it Real," visited Italy. God used her to encourage the young people in a refugee camp through her graffiti art and skateboarding skills. The photo on the right shows Laura working with the youth to design artwork with the names of the countries from which these young people were forced to flee. Please continue to pray for our YFC staff who work tirelessly in many places in our world to meet the needs of Syrian refugees.

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Music Festival

Above is a picture of a young man who was prayed for at the music festival. After the team prayed over his injured leg, he yelled unprompted "I'm NEW!"

Made NEW at Boots ‘n’ Hearts Music Festival!

This past summer our Praxis Coordinator, Adam Shepski and his wife Melissa arranged for almost 30 YFC staff and volunteers to attend the Boots ‘n’ Hearts Music Festival and serve as a prayer team for Sunday's Gospel brunch. Over the weekend of August 6-9, they prayed for over 300 people and shared Jesus with them! As they prayed and shared, people were challenged, convicted and healed!

On Sunday morning Jason McCoy, High Valley and the Lovelocks shared their faith and music from the stage with thousands! The Gospel was preached at Boots ‘n’ Hearts and people responded! We are excited to say that 600 people asked for Bibles!

To the left is a picture of a young man who was prayed for at the music festival. After the team prayed over his injured leg, he yelled unprompted "I'm NEW!" Handing over his drinks he proceeded to lift Adam on his shoulders and preformed squats to prove that his damaged knee and ankle (from an accident) were completely healed by Jesus! Amazing! What an awesome and powerful God we have!

Because of your prayers and support God is opening doors and using Youth for Christ staff in ways we never imagined!

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Connecting with National and International Ministries of YFC

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