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Keep It Real

Skate, Paint, Speak – Retreats, Youth Groups, School Assemblies, Conferences.


Resources to transform you and your world.


Empowering Young Leaders to Impact their World

Mike Gordon

Mike has had the opportunity to speak over 1800 times to tens of thousands of people over the years becoming a sought after international speaker. He has been coast to coast in Canada and the U.S, as well he been as far out as China as he travels to other countries around the world to speak as well. But this brief description does not do him justice! Click on the link to read more!


Shawn Naylor

“Over the past 10 years I continue to be a passionate, relational voice to youth and young adults. My heart is to help young people realize that there is hope and the future is full of light and life (despite life’s imperfections).”

Compassion Series

The Compassion Series is a growing and multifaceted social justice program designed to inspire, challenge and educate children and youth, and to support and encourage parents and educators. Our ultimate aim? To raise a generation of hope-givers.

Wake Up Deborah

Resources for Mothers to Pray for their children and the youth of our nation

Today’s Teens Conference

Training, Teaching, Encouraging, Networking Youth Workers from Across Ontario for over 30 years

Canadian Youth Workers Convention

Providing the Community Youth Work Track Nation Wide

Paul Robertson

Church & Family Resources

Sam Rowland

Sam Rowland is a Christian communicator who leads people from diverse backgrounds into the unifying and life altering presence of God. His honesty, transparency and approach are captivating. His message is life changing. His commitment to biblical authenticity and cultural relevancy have allowed him to impact thousands of lives across five continents. His presentations are simply unique to the landscape of Christian communication today.

YFC UK Church Resources

To equip and inspire every church to reach every young person

Regional Resources



Western Region



Chapel - Vancouver Area

Chapel, inviting and uniting a generation to see God move in our city.

Central Region



Turning Point - Winnipeg Area

Turning Point provides professional counselling services to people of all ages, all ethnic and religious/non-religious backgrounds, and all social and economic statuses.

Teen Parenting - Winnipeg Area

The vision of the YFC Teen Parents Program is to partner with local agencies and organizations to positively impact the lives of Teen Moms and their children. We do this by connecting them with caring volunteer mentors at weekly programs run in partnership with churches in their areas.

Camp Cedarwood - Winnipeg/Manitoba Area

One way to reach spiritually lost youth in your surrounding neighbourhood is through summer camp. Cedarwood is a cutting edge camp that specializes in meeting the needs of Junior and Senior teens. Grow your youth group by encouraging teens in your church to invite their non-Christian peers to join them for a week at summer camp. Many summer campers are then willing to join a youth group during the rest of the year who previously never would have considered attending.

YFC Winnipeg Rentals and Activities - Winnipeg Area

YFC has many activities and quality facilities that you may want to use for a youth group outing, including our Centre for Youth Excellence. For more information, visit the link or email us at