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Tim Coles – National Director
(TF) 800.899.9322 ext. 208
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Currently being rolled out to national Chapters/programs in alignment with YFC’s 75th Anniversary in 2020


(Langley, BC), March 2, 2020: Tim Coles, National Director of Youth for Christ / Youth Unlimited, is pleased to announce the youth-focused organization has recently completed an overhaul of its entire brand that reflects a more unified look while still allowing individual Chapters or programs to create their own identities.

“We wanted to bring unity back to the brand,” said Coles. “We’d been operating under two different names which was creating both brand and program confusion. This new direction brings us all back together under the Youth for Christ / Youth Unlimited umbrella.”

“Our ability to use both brands together means young people will be able to recognize us no matter what community they’re living in or which program they interact with.”

While the rebranding component took about a year, Coles explains that the complete process was a five-year journey, with discussions beginning at the executive level. Deeper foundational work was done in the fall of 2018 to clarify purpose, direction, behaviors, and how to measure results going forward.

“It was challenging. The branding committee had broad representation from across the country, but to get full approval and buy-in, we presented our brand direction proposal to the Executive Directors and the boards of each of our 31 chartered Chapters.”

According to Coles, there is a great deal of excitement over the new look as it enables Youth for Christ / Youth Unlimited to capture the essence of the youthwork that’s being done as part of the brand mark itself. “The upward-focused conversation bubble truly embodies the nature of our work.”

He adds that preliminary presentations have been encouraging and there is a lot of excitement among the staff. “It was also focus-tested on young people and was well-received which is very promising.”

As part of the roll-out process, each Chapter will be supplied with its own specific brand marks. To further launch the new look, social media will be used to inform various audiences while partner communications will take place with key stakeholders. A new website is also in the works to bring all the Chapters and programs together under one online portal.

“We’re excited about the new brand, especially as we celebrate our 75th year in 2020,” said Coles. “It’s all part of our long-term, strategic planning that focuses on strengthening resources and improving collaboration.”

“From the very beginning, when we started 75 years ago, our mission has always been simple, practical yet ultimately life-changing: to see every young person transformed by God’s love.”




Youth for Christ / Youth Unlimited is an international, non-denominational Christian ministry that passionately engages young people to live their full life potential as designed by God. We work with children and youth from all walks of life, regardless of race, faith, economic level, or cultural background. As children grow, we know that their lives are shaped by individual factors that influence who they are as a whole: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual. Our goal is to develop each of those areas through relationships, resources, and mentoring so that every youth can reach his or her full potential. We believe that transformed youth have the opportunity to change communities, countries, and the world.


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Tim Coles – National Director
(TF) 800.899.9322 ext. 208
(M) 705.750.5659








Children/youth impacted annually: 190,190*

Children/youth reached in last fiscal year: 203,786**

Chapters/affiliates: 36

Volunteers: 5,850**

Staff: 870**

Young people in discipleship programs: 6,428**

Church partnerships: 1,126**


Ministry Programs: 1,124**

Drop-in Centres 421

Young Parent 38

Sports Related 118

Mentoring 102

Employment Training 22

Homeless Youth 24

Homework Help 32

Camp 124

School 130

Art 28

Meal 85


National Programs**


*5 year rolling average 2015-2019

**2018 Annual Report






YFC’s motto has been “Geared to the Times, Anchored to the Rock.” Over the years, we’ve realized the importance of remaining current to the needs of today’s youth while staying focused on Christ as the centre. We have a distinctive history of youth evangelism that dates back to our beginnings.  

  • In the early 1940s during World War II, many young men, mostly ministers and evangelists, held large rallies in Canada, England and the United States, to reach young people. The first Canadian rally was held on December 30, 1944 in Toronto’s Massey Hall.
  • Beginning in dozens of cities at the end of World War II, YFC quickly organized into an international movement. Billy Graham became YFC's first full-time staff member.
  • From the mid-1940s to the mid-1950s, YFC grew rapidly and spun off several other organizations, including the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, World Vision International, Overseas Crusades, and Gospel Films. It was during this time that the famous YFC rallies took place, where thousands of youth, young adults, and those in their 30s would turn out on Saturday nights to hear famous preachers, movie stars, musicians, and others.
  • From the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s, YFC turned its focus to teenagers. In Canada, the organization initiated Bible clubs, created Lifeline (a ministry to at-risk teens), ran teen talent contests, started Bible quiz games, sent Teen Teams overseas, and used camping trips to share the gospel.
  • Through the mid-1960s, programs were revamped to meet the changing needs of teenagers. YFC began sharing more material between Chapters and developed better training strategies for its staff. It also refocused its energy on unchurched teenagers, reaching and discipling them with personal attention.
  • The late 1970s featured an emphasis on the recruitment and training of young men and women by developing excellence in leadership. There was also a new commitment to the church through a concerted effort to enlist the general public via TV specials.
  • The 1980s to the 2000s were characterized by a strong sense of vision and a willingness to grow and adapt to reach Canada's youth.

75 years after the first rally at Massey Hall, YFC continues to impact the lives of young people across Canada in almost every setting imaginable – from youth centres, schools, and concert venues to skateboard parks, camps, and coffee shops. We work in neighbourhoods across the country with youth who come from diverse backgrounds and face unique challenges. Our hope is that by cultivating relationships with caring adults who will mentor and cheer them on, they will be able to bring about positive change to our communities – now and in the future.